Dr. Thomas L. Walker was called to pastor the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, N.C. in 1970. At the age of 22, he and his wife, Joyce along with their two children, Timothy and Teresa, began a ministry that would set the standard and revolutionize the City of Rocky Mount.

Since that time, this native of Rocky Mount has spent his life serving both his community and fellow man. As pastor, Dr. Walker has labored to build a community of excellence. TV and radio ministries, a day care center, a tutorial program, and ministerial training are just a few of the church's outreach programs. In addition, the church has a non-profit corporation called the EBC "ATOM" Project, Inc., a program aimed at improving the quality of life for lower and middle-income citizens. Dr. Walker is one community leader who is a mover and a shaker--one who fights for the rights of the common man.

As a gospel recording artist, Dr. Walker has had his share of successes. His anointed messages have left many crying "What must I do to be saved?" His "gold" recording, "One Day At A Time," continues to inspire the hearts of many across the nation. In 1996, Dr. Walker found himself involved in yet another great challenge when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Immediately Dr. Walker began to gather information from any available source, both written and spoken. The facts were so alarming he could not sit idly by the sidelines and allow men to continue to suffer untimely deaths because of prostate cancer.

His shocking discoveries led him to write, "Brother To Brother--You Don't Have To Die Of Prostate Cancer." This book seeks to empower men and their families through education.

"Brother To Brother" outlines the emotional trauma, the family's involvement, and Walker's day-by-day experiences after learning he was stricken with prostate cancer until he was declared asymptomatic. Praise God!